Nominations for the Class of 2024 will be accepted from Jan. 31, 2024 to March 1, 2023. The Kiwanis Birmingham Business Hall of Fame Committee will review all nominations and select the individuals to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in August 2024.

The following criteria are used in selecting nominees for the Birmingham Business Hall of Fame:

  1. The individual has actively engaged in an endeavor that has had substantial positive economic impact on the Greater Birmingham area.
  1. The recipient should be the chief executive and/or founder of a company or in a major leadership role of a company or organization that has developed, matured or expanded under his/her leadership.
  1. The individual receiving the award has demonstrated leadership that is responsible for substantial positive change in commerce, industry, education, employment or other areas and may be living or deceased.
  1. Nominees should be leaders of enterprises located in the Greater Birmingham area. He/she can be living or deceased.
  1. Consideration will also be given to institutional change and its positive growth/impact to the Greater Birmingham community, job creation, economic contribution or any other positive impact on the Birmingham area.
Nomination Form: Kiwanis Birmingham Business Hall of Fame
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