Vision of the Club

The Kiwanis Club of downtown Birmingham will be the preeminent civic group in Birmingham, attracting and retaining the best, brightest and most influential members of our community.  We will seek to inspire, develop and support the civic growth and health of Birmingham with a special emphasis on improving the lives of children and therefore ensuring the well-being of our Community for future generations.

Mission of the Club

Founded in 1917 when Birmingham was young, the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham has served as a foundational catalyst for the growth of our city and state for more than a century, uniting a diverse group of business, civic and community leaders to move Birmingham forward.

As the cornerstone of Kiwanis International, the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham brings members together to discuss important topics of the day and address initiatives for the future.  Through outreach programs that focus primarily on the youth of our community, we are called to our highest work – to provide for all children an ever-improving quality of life and to secure for future generations unlimited opportunities for service.